April is Birthday month in my family which means there are plenty of genuine excuses to eat cake.  I like experimenting with cake decorating, and this year I decided to make birthday cakes based on the favourite chocolate bar of the person celebrating.

First up was my brother-in-law Tab.  Tab's favourite chocolate bar is Kit Kat, so I set out to make a very chocolate, two-layer cake.  I most often use cake mixes when I bake a cake, as they are so quick and easy to prepare, and decorating is really where I want to spend my time.

For Tab's Kit Kat Cake, I used a Devil's Food Cake mix, Chocolate Fudge icing, and five Kit-Kat bars.  I crushed half the bars and spread them between the cake layers, and I cut each of the remaining Kit Kat sticks in six and scattered the pieces over the top of the cake. The cake was extremely rich and I am proud to say I was the only one able to finish my entire piece.  I can handle my chocolate!
Kit Kat Bar Cake - it tasted as amazing as it looks!

For my brother Dave's cake, his original selection of chocolate bar was Eat More.  I suggested he choose something a tad less disgusting (sorry Eat More lovers!)  His next favourite choice was Crunchie Bar, which I thoroughly supported, and was happy to make.

For Dave's Crunchie Bar cake, I started with a yellow cake mix and added Golden Yellow gel food colouring to it for an extra golden colour.  I covered it in Milk Chocolate icing, so that the cake looked like a Crunchie Bar - yellow on the inside and chocolate on the outside.  I crushed four Crunchie bars, spreading half of them between the cake layers, and the other half was spread over the top of the cake.  I definitely enjoyed the crunch of the sponge toffee mixed with the softness of the cake.  I needed a full glass of water after I ate this cake - it was pretty loaded with sweetness.

Using a chocolate bar as a design for cake decoration is a simple and easy way to enhance any cake.  I am definitely going to try more chocolate bar flavours...just not Eat More.

Posted by Jen B On Thursday, April 22, 2010 2 comments


  1. 1. I would like to humbly suggest that you begin experimenting with baking cakes from scratch. You know, just as a challenge. Not because I judge people who use cake mix or anything. I have sometimes used cake mix when making an elaborately decorated cake (aka a castle cake one time three years ago). But try from scratch. It is better.

    2. Never apologize to Eat More fans. While I don't judge the use of cake mixes, I do judge the existence of Eat More.

  2. 1. I will definitely try cake from scratch sometime. I know my mom has some recipes. I'll have to try vegan cake from scratch too!

    2. What is Eat More in the chocolate bar section??? It is not a chocolate bar.


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