There was a pork bone in the freezer so I decided to make Pea Soup.  My Grandma was making it the last time I was over at her place, so I called her for the recipe.

Boil the following in 2 Quarts (about 8-10 cups) of water for 2 hours.
Pork bone (mine was from a smoked ham)
2 1/4 cups of yellow split peas (soaked overnight)
Majoram to taste

According to my Grandma, you'll know that it is done cooking when it looks like baby poop! I won't post a photo, but trust that her description was accurate. :)

Remove the bone.  If there is any meat left on it, cut it off and add it to the soup.  I finished my soup at this point; I thought it tasted pretty rocking.  If I had followed my Grandma's recipe to completion, I would have also added chopped carrot, onion, celery, and extra ham.  Apparently the veggies give it a little extra something.  I'll be sure to give the whole recipe a try next time.

The soup I made was thick, filling, and tasty.  While I was making it, I couldn't remember if I even liked pea soup, but I do.  I am actually the only one who likes it in the house, so I put four bowls in the freezer for future lunches.  Yum!

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