Everything I know about making sushi I learned from my friend Sarah.  She took me on my first shopping trip to get all the supplies at Christie and Bloor in Toronto, and even walked me through my first preparation.  I’ve been making sushi rolls on my own for years now, and they are always worth the effort.  Though I have tried making different varieties (I experimented once with putting tempura in the roll - really tasty!) I mainly stick with a simple version of California Rolls.  I got a major craving for them last week and picked up all the supplies so I could make them at home.  Yummy as always, I thought I would share my sushi making with you.

First, you need supplies:
(L-R) Imitation crab (leg style), avocado, English cucumber, 
sushi rice, mayo, and a sushi mat.

Also, most importantly the nori sheets:

You should also pick up some wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy sauce to eat along with your prepared rolls as per your taste.  I love pickled ginger!

Cook the rice as per package directions.  Let cool.  While rice is cooking/cooling, cut your avocado, cucumber, and imitation crab into long strips.

Step 1.  Place nori sheet on sushi mat.  Spread rice on nori sheet evenly to the edges.  Spread a little mayo onto the rice.

Step 2. Place you strips of cucumber, avocado, and imitation crab on the rice at bottom end of the nori sheet.
Step 3.  Roll.

And Roll.

And Roll.

Step 4. You now have a sushi roll!  Set rolls aside, with the seam on the bottom to ensure they stay rolled up.

Step 5.  Slice the rolls into individual, bite size pieces.

Dip in soy sauce and garnishes of your choice (wasabi, pickled ginger) and enjoy!

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