With the weather looking great for at least the next week, we took the plunge and planted our vegetables and herbs on Sunday.  Upon planting them, we realized that we started our sprouts far too early, as many of them grew very tall in their Jiffy Pots.  At least four of our bean plants had grown beans on them!  Crazy!  We will know better for next year to start them a lot closer to planting day.

The Garden - 2010

As some of the sprouts were very tall, we had to use steaks to hold them up until their roots grow strong enough to hold them up on their own.  Hopefully the roots take hold soon and all of our plants make it.  We already lost some of our sprouts prior to planting day, as the dill, a few carrots, a spinach, and a romaine sprout died.  I think they were probably mad about being in the Jiffy Pots so long.  Sorry sprouts. :(

Here are some photos of what made it into the garden this year:

Basil (2), Oregano (2), Cilantro (2)

 Green Beans (12)

 Peas (5), Carrots (5), Onions (4)

Romaine (4)

Spinach (10) - we like spinach!

Tomatoes (3)

From back: Corn (10), Zucchini (3), Cucumber (3)

We left room in the garden for some pepper plants that aren’t yet big enough to transplant.  Pretty soon we’ll have red, green, jalapeno, and mini-bell peppers!  So excited!

Pepper Sprouts

I am very happy that we were finally able to plant.  I hope the weather stays nice and all our little veggies take root!  Some of them were looking a little weary out there today - but we'll have to see how they are in a few days.  Hopefully they all grow really big so there are lots of yummy veggies to eat throughout the summer!

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