It is weird enough to experience one extreme natural event in a single day, but yesterday we had two: an earthquake and a tornado.

The earthquake I'm sure everyone has heard of by now.  A magnitude 5.0 earthquake on the Ontrario/Quebec border, with people feeling the effects of it all across Ontario and into the United States.  It was only brief here, about 15 seconds at most, but it was pretty surreal none-the-less. John said: "Do you feel that?", and I looked over at the TV stand and the DVDs were rattling.  And then it was over. We all went outside.  I expected to see a fighter jet flying low, bringing all the big shot G8 members to Huntsville, but none were to be seen.  It was an Earthquake.  I called family in Barrie; they either felt it or heard something weird.  I went to Facebook: at least ten people had already posted experiencing the earthquake too.  I checked twitter and it said it was over capacity; so many people were talking about it.  It wasn't long before the U.S. Geological Survey had information about it too.  My brother and I both filled out the "Did You Feel it?" survey - check it out if you are interested in expressing your experience of the event.
 The Earthquake location; from US Geological Survey

I have never experienced an earthquake before, and to be fair this one was incredibly minor.  The DVDs rattled a little and then I talked about it (as did everyone) all day.  Though we do have some fault lines here in Canada, we are really lucky that most of us thought the earthquake was neat rather than life threatening and terrifying.

Flash-forward five hours later to something actually life threatening and terrifying, a tornado struck Midland, Ontario. I have spent much of the day looking at photos, news sites, and watching youtube videos about the destruction - it is hard to believe how much damage tornados can cause.  No one died, thankfully, but many people are without homes and Midland has declared a state of emergency.

I live about 15 km from Midland, and though we were safe where we are, it is frightening that it happened so close to home.  Our friends and family live and work in Midland.  We go there practically everyday for our necessities.  If we had needed groceries last night, we could have easily driven into the storm.  It is crazy to think about.  I hope everyone in Midland affected by the tornado is okay and that people can get their lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Here are some links to reports about the Tornado.  I find some of the video coverage shocking because I recognize all of the buildings.

Midland Mirror
CTV - with video

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