A few weekends ago I got to go to one of my favourite places ever - the Drive-In!  I’m amazingly close to two different ones: The Midland Drive-In and The Elmvale Drive-In. Each week I eagerly anticipate what is playing and if it seems like a good combo, we go for a fun evening of food, movies, and good times in the car!

Our recent Drive-In adventure took place at the Midland Drive-In with the following line up:

The box office opens at 8pm, but we like to get there at 7:30, so we are one of first three cars to get in.  That way we are guaranteed the “sweet spot”; super close to the bathrooms/concession with an awesome view of the screen.

Going to the Drive-In is an experience, and we always take enough supplies with us to ensure the experience is a great one.  Blankets for cuddling up in, books/magazines for reading until the movie starts, mosquito netting for the car windows so we can have them rolled down but not get attacked by bugs, windex/paper towels to ensure a clear windshield to view the movie, and of course a few treats.  There was the one time we brought a bucket of chicken in with us, but that was a little excessive, and we tend to enjoy goodies from the concession stand too.  On our recent visit we discovered that the concession stand has a new type of french fries since last year and the new ones are AMAZING!!  Large is REALLY large now, but the price stayed the same!  Awesome.  We also got a blue slushie (yum!!) and thinking about it makes me want a slushie machine in my house. :)  The Drive-In is definitely an amazing excuse to eat!

The Drive-In has a magical feel to it.  The screen is surrounded by grass, so families play catch, throw frisbees, and children run around while we all wait for the sun to go down and the movie to start.  Some families come in groups and park beside one another and pull out camping chairs and sit outside to watch the movie.  Countless people wear pajama pants (myself included) and it is just so cozy.  I love cuddling up into the blanket, wearing my pjs, and watching a movie - all in the comfort of the car!

Oh boy!  The movie is starting!! 

My favourite thing about the Drive-In, is that you can talk about the movie (or other people can talk about the movie) without it irritating anyone else.  So when we were bored with Robin Hood, we could just talk about it like we would at home and express our opinions without having to whisper or getting people annoyed at us.  The Drive-In is going to the show but you get to wear comfy clothes and talk as much as you want.  Being in the car is movie watching freedom!

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