I spent much of last week painting my bro’s kitchen.  The previous tenant had half painted it, meaning some of the walls were yellow and some were gray.  It was like that for two years.  I said I would paint it over March break - but only got around to it now.  That’s how it works when you “hire” family! :)

The joy of painting my brother’s place went beyond making him happy, I got to spend the week with my parents, brother-in-law, and my grandparents too.  They all live together in the same apartment building, so between coats I got to hang out with my family.  It was a really nice week and everyone was in a great mood.  Who knew painting could be such a good time?

I washed walls, taped, and primed on Monday.  Did two coats of ‘Persian Melon’ on Tuesday, and did some touch ups on Wednesday.  Going to bed Monday night and throughout the day on Tuesday, I had the most intense ache in my thigh muscles.  The cause eluded me until the second coat of paint on Tuesday night, when I realized that half of the work was me squatting to edge the bottom of the walls.  I basically did three hours of squats over a day and a half.  Ouch!  It was painful to sit down on Wednesday and Thursday - and even today, there is still a dull ache!

Bro got some nice art shots of painting supplies and my handiwork.  I describe the new colour as “wake up, have some scrambled eggs, and enjoy a sunny day.”  I think he made a great colour choice.  He is a graphic designer after all!

The "prime" directive

Early Morning Art Shot A

Early Morning Art Shot B

Persian Melon

 Let me roll it to you!

One of the 400 squats I did that day!

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