I have acquired a new new sleep shirt.

My brother brought me a long sleeve shirt with his work logo on it.  It is a tiny bit too big and 100% cotton - which makes it perfect for sleeping.  Just a few nights ago, John was commenting that my pajama drawer was overflowing.  Regardless of my lack of room, I happily added a new item to my collection.  I really need more drawer space though! :) 

When it comes to clothes I have two favourite (and abundant) things: sweaters and comfortable sleepwear.  It all has to do with the old, cold, farmhouse I grew up in, and the iron fist my dad ruled with over the thermostat.  We never had the luxury of room temperature at the farm and it wasn’t odd to have the inside temperature colder than the outside temperature - in the winter!  There was always a battle with dad whether we could turn the furnace on, and the furnace was just to heat the downstairs (where the tv room was).  The kids rooms were upstairs, which lacked furnace vents, so we had to use space heaters for warmth.  Even the space heater was an issue, as there was a constant fight about how long we should have them on for (mine was on 24 hours a day in the winter, as I didn’t care about the fight it constantly caused).  Even with periodic moments with the furnace and keeping the space heater on full blast, it was always cold in the farm house.

So, I learned to sleep in sweaters.  And track pants.  And long sleeve shirts.  And socks.  And have multiple comforters and pretty much anything that would make me warmer.  Some nights I slept in two sweaters, long johns, sweat pants, and two pairs of socks.  The last few years I slept at the farm I had an electric blanket, but that didn’t mean I could sleep in less clothes: it was somehow still cold! 

Fortunately, since I have left home, I have lived in apartments that have had adequate heat.  I still have the mentality that I need to wear lots of clothes to bed, but I no longer sleep with a sweater on (though sometimes I want to!).  Even though sleeping at the farmhouse was horribly cold (one Thanksgiving dinner it was 13°C [56°F] inside!) sometimes I find myself enjoying when it is cold at night.  I don’t like being cold, but I do love lots of blankets, and through the comfort of childhood memories, I think the cold helps me sleep. 

For those colder nights, I have now added a new long sleeve sleep shirt to my comfortable sleepwear collection.  Here is what else my overflowing pajama drawer holds:

Flannel PJs (3 pairs)
Track pants  (2 pairs)
Doctor pants
Long sleeve shirts (3 - black, yellow, and pink)
Sleeping t-shirts (7 assorted; I will wear any t-shirt to bed!)
Sleeping tank tops (2) and comfy sleeping shorts (for summer months)

Also my sweater collection is always growing, I just counted 14 sweaters in multiple drawers. Some people collect shoes.  I collect sweaters and pajamas, I guess!

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