Recently we adopted a sweet little kitten for our Grandma.  We adopted her at about 8 weeks, so she still needed her shots and would eventually need spaying.  I have never had a kitten before where I was responsible for the veterinary care (that was always something adults had to do -- just another reminder that I am indeed a grown up).  I understood that Vet visits cost money, but I was really out of touch with how much money it actually costs to get a new baby kitten into optimal cat condition.

The first place I called seemed reasonable; $103 for the first check up/shot/deworming and then $17 each for two additional shots.  When I called back to confirm and set an appointment, I was informed that yes the additional two shots were $17 each, but there was also a mandatory exam that went along with them; the exam cost $63.  So instead of the second and third shot being only $17 each, in real life they were $80.  That is a big difference in my eyes, especially since altogether, the kitten shots were now going to be $263.  So the frugal shopper in me decided to shop around.  I called ten places and to my amazement, $263 for kitten shots was actually the second cheapest price I found.

I called ten Animal Hospitals located in Midland, Penetanguishene, Elmvale, Wasaga Beach, and Barrie.  Here is what I found out.

Kitten Shots/Check up/deworm
Lowest price: $164.48 (incl. complimentary nail trim).
Highest price: $484.77 (incl. complimentary microchip... I should hope so for that price!)
Average price: $300 (though the average may be inflated by the higher priced ones. Most were in the $270 range).

Lowest price: $169.50 (with the option of getting IV fluids and blood work done for an additional charge).
Highest price: $488.16 (the IV fluids and blood work were mandatory).
Average price: $245 (all but one [the highest] gave the option for IV fluids and blood work as an add on).

What I find most interesting about the prices I was quoted, is that the extremes vary by hundreds of dollars.  I wonder what the services are like at the highest priced animal hospital vs. the lowest priced one?  Maybe they have giant HD tvs and massage chairs in the waiting room or something!

I'm taking the kitten in for her check-up/first shot this afternoon.  We're going to the lowest priced Animal Hospital from the ten I called.  Not only did they have the best price, but also the nicest person to talk to on the phone.  I actually called the office three times to double check the price and eventually book the appointment.  Each time the assistant was helpful, friendly, and never tried to pressure me into making an appointment (two of the people I called were trying to make a sale).  I look forward to meeting the veterinarian this afternoon.  I hope Cindy isn't too upset about getting her needles!

Good luck today, Cindy!

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, September 29, 2010 2 comments


  1. Good luck to you too! I always hated taking my cats in for shots - I think it was worse for me than them :P

  2. Cindy and I had a successful time at the vet. She was assessed as a "lovely healthy kitten". Things in kitten land are good.


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