We enjoyed an enormous amount of salmon over the weekend.  We collect PC Points and on Friday we happily discovered that we had 20,000 points which is equal to $20 to spend at the Superstore.  Wanting something we wouldn't normally buy, we went over to the fish counter to see what we could have for dinner.  We picked up a giant fillet of fresh salmon that was $22.74, but with our $20 free dollars it was only $2.74.  Amazing!  We picked up some veggies to have with it, and for only $7 we had a lovely dinner with tonnes of leftovers. Thanks PC Points!  We both had generous helpings of the salmon on Friday (believe me!) but there was still over half of the giant thing left.  Hello leftovers!

For lunch today I had a beautiful salmon sandwich that made me realize there is a considerable difference between canned salmon and a fresh fillet. Both are yummy, but there is something to be said about giant chunks of fish on a sandwich. Plus the flavours that were baked into it on Friday really popped today.

I'm looking forward to my second leftover adventure tomorrow at lunch - I've packed a garden salad that I'm topping with huge hunks of salmon. Should be good.

And if that wasn't enough salmon in a 48 hour period, I also went to the all you can eat sushi restaurant yesterday and partook in many, many salmon rolls (both smoked and spicy). It was a beautiful and salmony weekend.

Posted by Jen B On Sunday, June 26, 2011 2 comments


  1. Ever make homemade salmon burgers, using fresh salmon? So easy and delicious.

  2. I've never tried but that sounds amazing!


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