I just bought my fourth Lego based video game (thanks Amazon.ca!).  In 5-7 business days I will be the proud owner of Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4.  The second game in the series is being released in November, so I was able to score the old one for $19.99.  Seriously, I will buy almost any video game if it is under $20, but especially if it is Lego themed.   

I bought my Nintendo Wii in August and almost immediately got addicted to the Lego games.  It stated with Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (I'm about 25% finished), then I got thoroughly obsessed with Lego Batman (and still am - I'm over 90% finished and have over 3 billion studs!).  I haven't really gotten into Lego Indiana Jones yet (I need more vacation time!), and I just saw the deal Lego Harry Potter today, so I will be getting obsessed with that in the near future.  It is also already decided that whenever Lego Pirates of the Caribbean falls to the $19.99 mark, it will be added to the collection as well.

And because I am so into Lego right now, I google searched for this awesome website that lets you create your own Lego character.  So this is me if I was in a Lego game - my accessories are a lightsaber and a coffee!! Not sure what my ability would be, but I'm sure I'm super fun!

Posted by Jen B On Monday, October 03, 2011 2 comments


  1. You are amazing & Lego Star Wars is awesome! Lego Indiana Jones isn't bad - it isn't my favourite Lego video game, but neither does it suck.

  2. You are amazing too!! I haven't gotten too into Lego Indiana Jones yet, but the level I played was super hard! I'll get more into it when I'm not so obsessed with Lego Harry Potter! I also am 99.4% finished Lego Batman...not sure what the other 0.6% is, but I'll figure it out!! I have been so into these Lego games I had to buy a Wii remote charger as I kept burning through batteries!!


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