...Except I spent most of my evening full of rage and now this blog is just a forum for my complaints and frustrations.  People hardly ever do that on blogs, right?

Firstly, I spent most of the evening trying to solve a company initiated problem through inbound customer service and did not get the problem solved.  After getting off the phone the first time I was actually furious.  The neat thing I'm reflecting on while writing this is that John gets to see me as a TNT firecracker explosion and still thinks I am the cutest thing ever. That makes me feel good. And after a second phone call with customer service (and now that I've calmed down), I'm thinking positively that after a few more phone calls tomorrow everything should be worked out.

Secondly, the "Delay Brew" button on my coffee maker is not working properly.  John naively said I should just "hit the on button in the morning".  Little does he know I have my morning "routine" timed down to the millisecond, so if the coffee is not ready when I am, the whole morning is going to be fucked.  With the patience of a saint (and note this happened after the above rage-filled incident) I hit the delay brew button repeatedly just hoping above all hopes that the light would turn on.  I passionately kept pressing that stupid button and it finally turned on.  That was the last thing you had to do for me coffee maker! I am replacing you tomorrow!

Anyway, my little rant is done now.  Back to our regular programming.

Posted by Jen B On Tuesday, January 10, 2012 3 comments


  1. Forgot to tell you. I left a sample of the candy cane dust, candy out. Just to see what it was like room temperature.


    Just didn't have the freshness of the frozen. But, I had to try.

    Experiments and all that.



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