This is another post about my Christmas Cactus.  You can see previous entries here, here, and here.

So the cactus has been producing flowers since I last posted about it on November 27.  It's usually only one or two flowers at a time, but that is a lot of blooming for a plant I thought only bloomed once a year (and for a limited time!). The flowering has been so consistent, that I actually stopped noticing them as something remarkable.  The cactus caught my eye this morning, however, as it was full of colour with 7 full blooms!  I also counted 14 buds in various states of growth towards flowering.  I asked Mom her thoughts on it's continuous state of blooming, and she said: "It must be happy and healthy".  Way to go, my plant buddy! I hope you stay happy and healthy for many more years to come!

I noticed some blooming action this morning!

Up close flowers.

So pretty!

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, March 07, 2012 3 comments


  1. Heya Jen - I've passed another award your way because I think you're awesome. (it's waiting for you over at my place)

    Also? Your cactus looks totally happy. :)


  2. Very pretty and great to see you again.

    Cheers and boogie, boogie.

  3. So cool how long it's been around and how it's thrived under your care. Way to go Jen! :-)


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