I will be spending the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen and that is alright by me.  I picked up my ingredients yesterday and am just about to make some home made sushi. Nothing says Valentine's like making my favourtie food and eating as much of it as I can!! :)

I have been posting baking ideas all week trying to decide what to make for dessert tonight, and last night I made some...cake pops! Really, once I started thinking about cake pops I couldn't get them from my mind, so Valentine's cake pops had to happen.

I found an easy Valentine's cake pops tutorial on YouTube and had a go at making them last night.  It was my first time making a cake pop that was a shape (not just a ball) and also my first time using candy melts. Making them was a wee bit more challenging than just the basic ball in sprinkles that I'm used to, but I am sooo happy how they turned out. I really love the taste of the candy melts, although I found them hard to use (some of my pops cracked when the coating hardened). I am sure there is a skill to using them that I will need to perfect over time. Find the basic cake pop recipe here.

I mixed pink cake with pink icing to form the hearts
Some hearts and cake balls ready for dipping!
Some completed cake pops! Dipped and decorated!
I dipped some in milk chocolate too!
Valentine's cake poppy goodness - inside and out!

In just a few short hours I am going to be full of sushi and cake pops. Might have to go to bed early! :)

What are you doing today? Cooking/baking/eating anything fun?

Posted by Jen B On Thursday, February 14, 2013 2 comments


  1. Looks like a fun day in your kitchen. Very cool.

    I have another bake due today. Tim asked for my orange cookies, so orange cookies he shall have.

    Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. Happy Valentine's Day to you too! Hope your orange cookies turned out great! :)


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