It's my brother's birthday today and the family is getting together tomorrow for a Mom-made turkey dinner to celebrate. I was tasked with dessert and at first I was going to make a cake, but then it turned into cupcakes, and now it's fancy cupcakes. I have been reading a tonne of new blogs lately and have been feeling really inspired to try new recipes and new techniques. Birthdays are a great excuse to learn some new baking skills.

After researching how fancy cupcakes are decorated at Wilton, I made a list and headed to the Bulk Barn so I could add some cake decorating tools to my collection.

I love Bulk barn when I'm trying something new. You can buy as much or as little as you want, which means you don't have spend a lot to try something out. I spent around $5 today and bought the bare minimum to decorate my cupcakes. I got one decorating tip, the 1M star shape, which the internet says is great for cupcakes. I also picked up a "large tip" coupler, which helps secure the decorating tip to the icing bag. Lastly I bought two disposable icing bags, which were sold in bulk. I loved that I was able to buy bulk icing bags! They also carried a box of 12 bags, but this is my first time fancy decorating, maybe I will hate doing it! Then I would have 11 useless bags lying around. I went with the safe option of 2/$0.99 (they are the faint triangles in the photo).

My cupcakes are already baked, but I'm holding off icing them until tomorrow. I hope it is fun!

Do you use cake decorating tips? What is the most fun or elaborate thing you have decorated?

Posted by Jen B On Saturday, April 06, 2013 6 comments


  1. I have no tips, but would gladly be a test taster to make sure its perfect.

  2. Hope you had fun and I hope you post pictures of your cupcakes. I tried a loooong time ago to decorate (because I love cake), but it was too much work and I was horrible at it. At least they tasted good, so there was that!

    1. I did have fun and will definitely post a blog about them (I took loads of pictures!!).

      That is the joy of baking, isn't it? Even if it doesn't work out it still tastes good!! :)

      I think I picked the easiest decorating tip/technique to start with, and I think a cupcake surface is the right size for me to decorate! :)


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