This is the 42nd blog post I've published this year. The Douglas Adams significance of that number aside, this is a milestone for me because I only published 41 posts last year. I didn't set out to write more posts this year, I've just been feeling good and have been really excited about blogging. My returned drive is now showing in the numbers and I'm very happy about that!

Also, as with yesterday's post, I am still very obsessed with space. Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield returned to Earth last night and I spent the entire day talking, thinking, and tweeting about it. I watched webcasts via NASAtv and the CSA, I obsessively checked Twitter feeds (mainly CSA, NASA, and Chris and Evan Hadfield's), and I spent much of the day reading and learning about how we return people to Earth from the International Space Station. It was a very exciting day!

Periodically John would try to talk to me about other things and even though I thought I was answering appropriately, my response was always something like: "So basically they have to go 12km from the Space Station before they can start the deorbit burn." I was very focused!

And I'm still talking about it today. Still marveling at the wonder of going in and out of space. Forever in awe of those who dedicate their lives to exploring what is out there. And very happy that we can get astronauts safely back to the planet.

If you missed it and are interested, this CSA video sums up how the crew returned to Earth.

Posted by Jen B On Tuesday, May 14, 2013 6 comments


  1. Congrats on hitting 42 - I've enjoyed watching your blog grow, and I look forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words! You are so sweet and it really means a lot to me. Thanks for being here! :)

    2. I really meant it.

      Day was real nice, thanks. Headache trying to sneak back in but I hope it's just that I'm still a little groggy from the four day holiday weekend at work.

      Headed offline. Have a groovy night.

    3. Thanks again. :)

      Glad you had a nice day. I had a pretty groovy night - hope you did too! :)

    4. We just got back from Staples and dig this, Tim scored four 1.5 Staples brand binders (we love them), for a total of $14.84, or $3.71 each. That includes the tax.

      AND, he got a pack of 500 copy paper for one penny. It's an easy rebate and with the tax, will still only paid one cent.

      That is some fun savings. Now I'm pooped and about ready for bed and it's not all that late here.

      Glad you had a groovy night. What did you guys do?

    5. Oh Staples does have the really good binders! That is a great deal on them! Good for you! :) Plus you cannot go wrong with free paper! We got rid of the penny in Canada, so now they have to round down the 1 penny would be $0.00 up here! Great score!

      My groovy night was because John went to a friend's house and I got to do fun home alone stuff. Had a dance party with my music up loud! Loads of fun. :)


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