How's the weather where you are? We are currently involved in some sort of heat wave. It has been over 30°C for the past three days and everyone is melting. I'm all for the heat (winter was unbearably long this year), but I wouldn't be Canadian if I wasn't commenting on it. :)

To beat the heat I have been spending limited time outdoors (though still trying to get at least 30 minutes per day), and having lots of cold foods and beverages (cold salads and homemade iced tea are favourites). Another treat helping us beat the heat are homemade iced cappuccinos.

We use our Magic Bullet to make these, although we use our full blender to crush the ice first (it actually has a button called "Ice Crush"). We find the big blender crushes the ice more evenly than the Bullet, and to get it the way we like it, we don't mind the extra step.

We add crushed ice to the Magic Bullet cups.

Next we add instant coffee and brown sugar to taste (about 1 large scoop of each for me), and 3/4 cup milk (more milk if you like a thinner ice cap).

Blend in Magic Bullet until smooth. Drink with a straw and feel the relief!

Enjoy!! And feel free to check out previous posts using the Magic Bullet:
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Posted by Jen B On Monday, June 24, 2013 2 comments


  1. I love summer drinks. Very fun. Currently, I'm saving for a VitaMix - love those machines. So want one.

    1. Oh cool - I just looked it up and watched a few videos. That thing really blends! You could make your own almond milk with it. Neat!


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