Surfing Saturday: a weekly round up of some of my favourite links on the interwebs.


Are you watching Under the Dome on Monday? It's based on Stephen King's book Under the Dome and the trailer for the show looks scary and good. io9 has a spoiler free review of the pilot episode, and I'm excited to see it. I always love it when Jeff Fahey is working.

A trailer was released this week for a big screen LEGO movie that is due in February. I'm pretty much obsessed with LEGO so I'm really looking forward to this.


Check these detailed Game of Thrones cupcakes at Sugar Swings! Serve Some. They are all super awesome, but I love the White Walker. So cool.

I added to my baking stash this week, picking up new items at Bulk Barn. I'm really into flavour extracts and colour gels right now so I picked up some Pure Orange and some assorted Wilton Gel Colours. I also noticed Bulk Barn carries Flavour Oils, and I might have to give them a try too.


Looks like I am getting a Space Selfie! The Kickstarter project I funded reached it's goal. The Oatmeal made a cool comic about it this week and the campaign has announced some stretch goals. Only 8 days left! Looking forward to what they accomplish!

Someone amazing sent Commander Hadfield a crochet Commander Hadfield doll. I think it is just adorable.

Posted by Jen B On Saturday, June 22, 2013 2 comments


  1. I like these kinds of posts, especially good when I am on a blogging goal for the month. How are you enjoying your blogging goal?

    1. I like these posts too! Blogging goal is amazing. Having so much fun with it. I even got into a habit where I can write some of the posts in advance and schedule them...makes me feel like a pro. It has really been a great month, and I'm already planning ahead with ideas for July. :)


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