Well for the third Monday in a row, my car was in the shop. The day after I was home from getting a new gas tank (and gas lines), we heard the horrible screech of the brake pads going. I already had a car repair anxiety headache from multiple car incidents in July, and the screeching sound made it piercing.

I've now added new brake rotors and pads to the list of things repaired or replaced in July (previously we fixed a hole in the muffler and got a new gas tank/gas lines). My Mom says it's like I got a whole new car. Hopefully she's right and these repairs last me for some time yet. Not sure what the repair cost limit will be for me, but I'm pretty sure I'll know the number when I hear it. Just don't want it to be anytime soon.

I wasn't the only one experiencing car grief this month. While waiting for my gas tank to be repaired, I borrowed dad's car, with the hope of catching a movie with my brother in law. The first stop I made (at the end of the driveway) the brake pedal went all the way to the floor...and the car did not stop. I hit it again and it still did not stop, so I looked down to see if I was accidentally hitting the gas (it is a very disorienting feeling not having the brakes work). I gave the brakes a third pump and the car stopped. I threw it in reverse and parked it and then got a really intense headache. Adrenaline is funny like that. Dad ended up needing entirely new brake lines, and we got to bond about all the money we were spending on our used cars. (I much prefer when we are bonding over music.)

Another car incident happened with John's aunt, who had her muffler detach on the way to his sister's wedding. His aunt had his mom in the car, so the Mother of the Bride was half an hour late to the ceremony. Never a dull moment!

With July ending, I now declare that weekly car repairs end with it. I've reached my quota of car stress for the year, and would now like to enjoy using it for a while before I have to worry about it again. Got that, Car???

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, July 31, 2013 4 comments


  1. Your quota for car stress for the year. I've been there. Here's to things getting all the way better.

    1. I will second that! Yes, all the way better sounds great. Car stress is no fun at all. Sorry to hear you've been there too.

    2. Right now we're putting getting a new one on hold, so at least that's a relief for me. No more twitching eyelid.

      Happy Almost Weekend.

    3. Glad your eyelid isn't twitching anymore. :)

      Happy almost weekend to you too!


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