Last week I posted about the creamers we got to take home from my sisters-in-law's wedding. We are still working through them, but it was premature of me to only tell you about that one thing. We actually brought home ALL THE THINGS from the wedding (mostly food with a few non-food items).

The abundance of leftovers was due to family + friends catering the wedding and buying way more than enough. There were also leftovers from the cottage the brides rented, as it had a full kitchen and they lived there for two weeks. They had multiple friends/family staying with them for a week around the wedding, so the fridge was kept pretty full. They couldn't really take it back on the plane to Vancouver, so all the food came here. It is one of those 'best of times/worst of times' situations. So. Much. Food.

So here is a #ListPost about all the amazing things we've been working our way through since the wedding.

Food - Fruits & Veggies

9 assorted peppers (red, green, orange, yellow)

4 cucumbers

2 bags of mini carrots

1 head of celery

2 giant onions (Vidalia and purple)

Package of sliced fresh mushrooms

A bag of mini potatoes

A container of pre-washed spinach

Head of broccoli

An avocado

A pineapple

2 lbs of strawberries

1 pint of blueberries

3 nectarines

Green and Purple grapes

A mango

Foods - Assorted

2.5kg (5.5 lb) bucket of potato salad

2.55kg (5.5 lb) bucket of coleslaw

A bag of deli style ham

18 pack of eggs

A bag of brown sugar

A bag of garlic salt

2 bags of fusilli pasta

A bucket of Feta cheese

A brick of old cheddar cheese

Various salad dressings and BBQ sauces

Full ketchup, mustard, and relish

2 giant jars of dill pickles

4 small jars of bread and butter pickles

A giant jar of olives

Cakes (assorted)

1/2 an ice cream cake

Bottom tier of Black Forest wedding cake


2 jugs of Arizona ice tea

2 boxes of orange pekoe tea

Non-Food Practical Items

A multi-purpose 20'x10'x13' canopy

A giant tarp

1 box of Nag Champa

4 vegetable serving trays

6 assorted serving trays

1/3 bottle of sunscreen

Posted by Jen B On Thursday, August 01, 2013 6 comments


  1. Yee gads! Are you sick of eating it yet?

    1. We totally are, but we are doing our best to get through it. My '4 days in a row' love affair with potato salad has ruined it for me for a while, but it was so good while I was eating it. Also, I love cucumbers but I mostly hate them right now. :)

  2. You know who would love those fruits and veg? My new pal Lucy.

    Nom, nom, nom.

    1. Lucy totally would! Wish I could teleport some to you - there is more than enough to share. :)

  3. Holy crap! That's a whole other party there! Sounds like they saved you a couple of shopping trips. :)

    1. We totally saved on going shopping. We got invited out for dinner by friends one night and said we couldn't go because we couldn't justify eating food elsewhere! There was so much here. :)


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