I'm over two weeks into my 28 day reboot and feeling like I'm making good progress.

My first week I walked 37,321 steps.

My second week I walked 55,839 steps (averaging about 8000 steps per day - woot!).

I'm training my body to walk daily, but I'm also listening to it when it needs a break. And this weekend, I needed a rest.

At the tail end of my 55,000+ steps Saturday night, I had a relaxing bath to calm my muscles and was just completely exhausted when I got out. I knew there would be no walking on Sunday for me. And it turned out, no Monday walking either. Taking it easy was the only thing on the schedule and that was fine by me. 

I had a wonderful time on my rest days. Sunday we went to an end of summer BBQ with friends, where we sampled 3 out of 4 of the Lays 'Do Us a Flavour' contest chips. The flavours in Canada are: Grilled Cheese and Ketchup (pretty good), Maple Moose (tasted like a combo of sweet and burnt - we threw them out), Creamy Garlic Caesar (they tasted great; they were pretty much just sour cream and onion, with maybe a hint of crouton), and Perogy Platter (we didn't try these, but they sound delicious). Fun times.

Monday I rested by playing Torchlight. All day. I'm always amazed at my capacity to game, but when I like something, I tend to like it a lot. It was super fun and I'm level 67 now or something ridiculous.

I'm feeling well rested and happy to get back moving today. It has been raining on and off, but hopefully I'll find a chunk of time where I don't get too wet.

Happy September friends!

Posted by Jen B On Tuesday, September 03, 2013 2 comments


  1. Rest days are so good. Love those. Had one yesterday when we hit Barnes. We have chips/crisps here waffles and chicken. I didn't try them though. Usually too salty for me.

    But I do love root veg crisps. The low low salt ones. So flipping good.

    1. They make all kinds of interesting flavours now. Chicken and waffles could be good if they get the sweet to salt flavours right. Something went wrong with the Maple Moose (sweet BBQ-ish) they have up here.

      Root veg crisps sound good. I tried some regular veg chips from the health food store and they were really nice.


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