About a year and a half ago my mom got a new food processor and gave me her old one. A few months later I got 50 lbs of potatoes from my farmer brother and wanted to use the processor to make some chips. Unfortunately, in the time between receiving it and wanting to use it, I had hid it on myself. I looked everywhere at least three times, even checking at mom's thinking maybe I left it there. Nope. I had lost it. :(
Mom's old food processor. It's from the 80s.
This past weekend we cleaned out the garage and stored a number of things in the attic. We moved some boxes around up there to make space, and I just happened to open the box that had my food processor in it! John said the look on my face was pure delight. I also just got my annual 50 lb bag of potatoes from my farmer bro, so the timing of finding it was perfect.

My Bro grew some pretty amazing potatoes this year
I spent much of the next day just fooling around in the kitchen. Potatoes were sliced. Chips were made. French fries were baked. I spent a year waiting to use it, so I had a lot of fun. We don't have a deep fryer, so I baked the chips in the microwave and the oven. Both versions tasted great, but they took soooooo long in the microwave (I have a small one so could only cook a few at a time).

Food processor equipped with the ripple chip slicer
Putting a potato in the feeder
One potato turned into a whole lotta slices
Chips prepared in microwave (took six minutes and two flips)
Chips prepared in the oven (about 20 minutes, checking often)
Baking some fries made with the french fry slicer blade
A bowl of french fries
Excited to have loads of fun with this food processor. Can't wait to try recipes with sweet potatoes too. Also going to pick up some peanuts and try homemade peanut butter. There are really a million and one things I can do with this and I love that I can finally make use of it.

Thanks Mom!! :)

Posted by Jen B On Thursday, October 24, 2013 4 comments


  1. That is a FANTASTIC toy. Love it. Looking forward to reading all you do with it. Do you have a name for her? Or him yet?

    1. Oh I didn't think to name her... I'll have to think of a good one. I grew up with my mom using this one so we are old friends. :)

    2. Niki, another blogger named my juicer Lucy. I love it because it fits, and my fridge is Ethel, so it just fits double great.


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