I had some leftover royal icing from my D20 cookies, so I picked up some Gingerbread men and sprinkles and decided to have a little fun.

Three dudes getting ready for sprinkles
My only goal for decorating these was to eat decorated cookies. So my inner child let loose and added all the icing and all the sprinkles (especially on the center guy).

No, these were not made by a small child.
Halfway through the third one, I realized my icing bag had sprung a leak. I wouldn't be able to keep icing leftovers from hardening, so I added what was left to my third man.  Mmmmmm.... only 35 calories...
Is he a (1) snowman? (2) mummy? (3) super delicious? (yes on 3!)

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, December 11, 2013 6 comments


  1. Whatever he is, he looks yummy. :) Yet still edible! At the end of our cookie decorating party this year, as I was packing up the girls' cookies for home, I went to throw out a plate that just looked like leftover mess and Kee stopped me. "No Mummy! That one is for Daddy! We have to bring it home!" I told her it was just a plate of icing, but she assured me that no, there was a "candy can" in there. So we got it home, and after we got her to bed, we dug around in it, and sure enough, under half a cup of icing and enough sprinkles to choke a rhino, there was a poor little disintegrating candy cane sugar cookie. He didn't manage to eat it. ;)

    1. Oh wow that is so great! I definitely understand the impulse to just load on the sprinkles and icing. So cute! :)


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