We had a celebration for Mom's 65th birthday on the weekend. We ordered a tonne of Chinese food and I brought the cake.

The Food:
We ordered take out from Mom's (and our) favourite place, Canton Restaurant in Midhurst. Because 65 is a big deal, and because it's the holidays, we went over the top and ordered about $20 more than we normally do. It was basically the equivalent of having 3 extra dishes of awesome food. Canton Restaurant seriously has the best Chinese food, and it is always super delicious. Even though we had all the extra food, we still ended up with the same amount of leftovers. Funny how that happened. No one had room for cake (I had mine the next day). If food's on the table, we eat it!

The Cake:
Last month I practiced decorating a 65th birthday cake to try out some ideas. I'm so glad I did. It encouraged me to pick up a few more Wilton decorating tips (I got Star #21 for the borders, and Round #3 to make the cake toppers), and I decided to go with a chocolate on chocolate cake. The cake was very chocolate, and even had some icy squares on top (in triangles and as crumble).

For the "6 and 5" cake toppers, I used my Round tip to pipe melted chocolate chips onto parchment paper that had a number stencil taped underneath. I printed the numbers backwards, so that the side that faced out would be flat and smooth. It was super easy to make them and they stuck in the cake perfectly.

The festivities for the 65th continue, as I'm heading to Barrie this morning to have lunch with Mom, my Aunt, and my Grandma. I'm finding it hard to believe Mom is actually 65 (and so is she), but the more we celebrate the more it'll sink in. Plus when she starts getting the sweet seniors discount at certain retailers, she might just be happy to be 65.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!! I love you!!! 
Posted by Jen B On Tuesday, December 17, 2013 4 comments


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