Big jugs of oil were on sale last week, so we got one with the idea that we would plan an elaborate deep fried dinner night. Maybe do onion rings, some vegetable tempura, a heap of french fries, and have a go at southern fried chicken. Well, the oil wasn't in the house 24 hours before John got good and excited about deep fry dinner. We let go of our elaborate plans and just had impromptu southern fried chicken and french fries. We have some oil left, so at some point we'll plan it properly and do "the works".

John worked his magic in the kitchen, first seasoning the chicken thighs and legs.

Then he marinated them in a buttermilk mixture.

And then coated them in flour and various spices.

He deep fried them to get them crispy, then continued cooking them in the oven until done.

He also deep fried a whole bunch of crispy and delicious potato wedges.

Impromptu deep fried dinner was a success! I think I could have eaten ten helpings of the wedges. They were really amazing. Why does deep fry have to taste so good!?!

Posted by Jen B On Tuesday, February 04, 2014 2 comments


  1. We had chicken last night as well but with stuffing. Testing more of my cubes.

    Sunny here today. Woohoo.

    1. Cube testing sounds very scientific - I like it! Hope you had great results. We've had some sun too, but it is still awfully cold. I'm stuck indoors with the sniffles... Bring on summer!


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