This past weekend I wanted to make a treat for gaming night that had a little St. Patrick's Day flare. Cupcakes are always a great go to for me, and I took to Google for some ideas, as I didn't have any shamrock accents (sprinkles, cookie cutter, etc.)

I found a fun recipe on allrecipes, that had a burst of colour inside a white cupcake. I had my winner.

I started with a white cake mix, which I substituted unsweeted applesauce for the oil. I always do this when I make a cake mix and I love the flavour of the finished cupcakes/cake.

After mixing up the batter, I put 2/3 of it into baking cups (about 21 baking cups).

The remaining third of the batter I dyed green and piped it into the middle of the cupcakes.

Using a resealable bag as a makeshift pastry bag, I snipped off the end and added a baking tip, so I could accurately squeeze the green batter into the center of my cupcakes. I actually used a baking tip that was far too wide for this purpose, and the green batter rushed out faster than I was expecting. Because of this, adding the green took very little time but some of the cupcakes got green batter on more than just their middles. I decided I could fix it in post (with all the icing on top, I was sure no one would really notice).

I made my favourite icing, marshmallow buttercream. If you haven't tried it yet, do give it a shot. Really, really, good.

In the baking cup
Surprise! It's green inside!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you are having a great day!

Posted by Jen B On Monday, March 17, 2014 4 comments


  1. Super pretty. Love the green. How was game?

    1. I love the green too. The game was really fun, but one of the characters died. This was the first game I ever played where that happened. He was a great character too, but I'm sure my friend will put the same enthusiasm into the new player he rolls up.

    2. Wow, what made him die? Was it some scary battle?

    3. Well he was playing a bard character - and up until this fight (with a bad ass vampire), he was able to charm people with his songs...but it didn't work on her. And he didn't have a lot of hit points, so he dropped down to 1 point on her first attack and then was at -17 with her second hit. For not being a warrior he did really well in fights (up until that last one).


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