My sister-in-law is from Newfoundland and was the first one to let me know about Newfie Fries: french fries topped with stuffing and gravy. The stuffing is made with a type of savoury that is specific to Newfoundland. I made a home made version of the fries last year, but didn't go for the authentic stuffing, so they had the right idea but they weren't quite Newfie Fries.

We have a fish and chip wagon near us called Perky's Fish and Fries and a second location recently opened in Elmvale. On a recent drive through Elmvale there were signs leading up to Perky's that said: "Newfie Fries Ahead". Amazing advertising, because it definitely got my attention! So I checked our location and they have them there too. So it was only a matter of time before I tried them. I discussed the Newfie fries with my Newfie sister-in-law, and she has not only tried them, but tells me that the stuffing is made with the Newfoundland savoury so it's the real deal. Awesome.

So for $6.50 we got 1.5 lbs of fries, stuffing, and gravy (I weighed it). John and I split it and ate it with homemade turkey burgers. It was filling and I almost needed a nap after, but it was really good. I totally get the authentic savoury stuffing - it had a really lovely flavour.

Posted by Jen B On Friday, July 18, 2014 4 comments


  1. Wow, looks so wonderfully delicious! Probably horrible health-wise, but damn tasty...LOL...

    1. I knew it wasn't good for me when I saw all the gravy! But worth it once in a while.


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