I got pretty interested in Major League Baseball this year. My hometown team is The Toronto Blue Jays and I had a lot of fun watching them this season. Even though they didn't make the playoffs, they had a lot of great games and moments and I was happy to be watching. I also got into live-tweeting games (which I'm still doing for the postseason), as it adds an extra element of fun and community to the game.

My awesome friend Bryan is also really into baseball and he recently found some Blue Jays items in his closet that he thought would fit me. It was such a wonderful surprise and I absolutely love them.

Bryan awesomely gave me two jerseys:

And two t-shirts:

Even though the Jays season is over, I'm going to be wearing these all winter long. I already had some Jays talk with a nice old man in a waiting room last week, who looked at my jersey and said "I like your shirt - but what happened?" Our conversation ended with hopes that 2015 will be a postseason year.

A million thanks to Bryan for these awesome additions to my wardrobe!

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, October 08, 2014 7 comments


  1. They were doing pretty good for awhile, but things started coming apart at the seams. I wouldn't mind seeing them do better next season.

    A number of people I know online are from St. Louis, so their Cardinals are doing well.

    1. I love that about the online community - I also have some friends online who have teams in the playoffs. Nice to see/share their enthusiasm.

      I think like Jays fans have to always have hope for next year. :)

  2. Hot dog, what a score. Very cool beaners.

  3. Good stuff, Jen! That is a cool friend to have :)


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