My favourite video games are the Lego series of video games, as I'm the type of gamer who loves smashing stuff, collecting stuff, and playing through an action/adventure. I also love cute characters. Over the past few weeks I played Lego Marvel Superheroes, which was a lot of fun and reminded me that I really enjoy superheroes. I never read comics as a kid, but I have seen a lot of superhero movies and this game introduced me to a lot of characters I had never heard of before. So if they ever do make the Deadpool movie, I have a better idea of who he is now. Playing through these Marvel characters also encouraged me to get caught up with the X-Men movies, which were pretty good.

My only complaint with Lego Marvel Superheroes, was the controls for flying characters (and some of the driving controls, also). In non-timed events I could fly well enough to do what needed to be done, but there were a number of flying races that I just could not complete. The last day I played this game, I spent over an hour racing Silver Surfer, re-trying over and over, and I showed absolutely no signs of improvement. As I didn't want to spend countless hours attempting (and failing) the remaining flying races (there were seven races left to complete) I decided to call it a day on the game. I had a lot of fun with the 99.2% of the game I did complete, and didn't want to ruin my experience with hours of feeling frustrated just to get the other 0.08%.

So I didn't quite get 100%, but I did pretty damn good and had a fun filled time along the way.

Character tokens: 114/115. Missing: Silver Surfer (unlocked after beating him in a flying race and completing two additional missions at his command)

Gold Bricks: 241/250. Missing: Nine bricks.
  • Two of the bricks are earned with Silver Surfer (beating him in a flying race and completing a mission for him)
  • Six of the bricks are earned by completing timed flying races throughout New York:
  • Race on top of X Mansion
  • Race on top of a gas station
  • Race at the Dockyards
  • Race in the sky above the water by the Dockyards
  • Race between and around two buildings
  • Race just off the helicarrier
  • One brick earned from a long and tedious remote control car timed race (I spent way too long trying to get this one. I had real difficulty with the driving controls in some places.) 
This was my first time playing a Lego game on the Xbox 360, so I also unlocked most of the Xbox achievements too (44/45). The missing achievement was get 100% in the game.

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Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 4 comments


  1. I never played and I'm not too good at these games. But smashing things, sounds fun.

    As a side note, Wolverine (movie not Lego), is super yum.

    1. Smashing things is the best! :)

      He is so yum, right? And lots of scenes where he isn't wearing a shirt. :)

  2. I don't play video games, though I do read a good deal of comics. Movie Wolverine is the only tolerable version of the character. The comics version I refer to as the Drunken Hobbit.

    Of course, he's dead at the moment, but in a few months he'll be back yet again.

    1. That is interesting about Wolverine! I had read that he is short in the comics, but I didn't know he was intolerable. Drunken Hobbit sounds funny, but I get that that is not what I picture when I picture Wolverine. Way to go to the movie team for getting him to be awesome! Movie Wolverine is funny and sassy - one of the best X-Men for sure.

      I love that about comics. Characters die, but mostly temporarily.


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