Holiday weekends always seem to have a huge quantity of food in them and I'm okay with that.

Before the weekend started, I roasted an eleven pound bird and we had the gift that keeps on giving: turkey, turkey, and more turkey. We had two nights of beautiful roast turkey dinner (with all the fixin's) followed by super filling, triple decker club sandwiches (with bacon, cheese, and mayo). Plus homemade french fries.

Roast turkey dinner

Turkey club with fries
I also made and decorated some heart shaped gingerbread cookies for Love Day, which we ate the last of last night.

Also last night, I finished devouring the sixth book in The Dark Tower Series: Song of Susannah.

It was a pleasant surprise to breeze through this book so quickly, as I found book five (Wolves of the Calla) and all it's 925 pages slow going. But the pace definitely picked up with book six, and now I'm nervous and excited to start book seven: The Dark Tower. I am looking forward to seeing what happens but also sad to see it end. I'm so glad I found this series after all the books were published - I don't think I could have waited years for the books to come out.

It's Family Day here in Ontario (and a variety of other provinces) and I'm headed to Barrie to spend it with my folks, first stop being someplace fun for lunch (TBD) with Mom. The holiday eating continues, and she is my favourite person to lunch with. If only we could teleport to the restaurant so we don't have to be outside in the -20°C (-4°F) weather. Brrrrrrr....

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

Posted by Jen B On Monday, February 16, 2015 3 comments


  1. Holiday weekends for us, means the same amount of food as any other day BUT ... Tim gets to eat it all straight from the oven because it's NO WORK. Muhahahahaha.

    Love the photos of your food. Can't wait to hear where you're gonna eat, today.

  2. It's a curious holiday today- not everyone gets it off.

    1. It is curious. The post office was open because it isn't a federal holiday. And apparently B.C. has a Family day, but it was last week. Weird.


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