Since I realized I love playing Skyrim I have played a lot of Skyrim. I have had a lot going on in the past few weeks, so it has been nice to focus on something fun that makes me feel very accomplished. If you haven't played before, these tallies won't mean much to you, but just interpret them as all adding up to a really good time.

Current level at time of this posting: 48

Number of horses I've owned: 2 (both tragically killed by bears)

Number of in game days played (at time of this posting): 210

Number of in game hours spent sleeping: 917

Average amount of sleep per day: 4.36

Number of skills that are at 100: 2 (Smithing and Alchemy...I love crafting)

Skill training sessions purchased: 170

Number of potions brewed: 678

Number of poisons mixed: 349

Number of ingredients harvested: 1607

Number of Stones of Barenziah found: 24 (all of them)

Number of houses owned: 2

Number of dragons killed: 30

Number of people I've said "Hey, have you played Skyrim?" to in the past three weeks: 6

Number of people who said "Yes" and then let me talk about it for quite some time: 3

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, April 08, 2015 5 comments


  1. I've heard of it, but I never play these games, so it's outside my experience.

    1. I didn't know I'd like it, but it is so much fun.

  2. You are killing me. I must email this post to Tim. Too funny.

    Glad you're having fun.

    1. Thanks. I'm having fun with it for sure.

    2. I like Zuma on the 360. I have the older one but I see there's a new one on there.


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