A few months ago, I opened a package of blue cheese and something just didn't seem right about it. But how can you tell if blue cheese is bad, right? I wasn't sure if I should eat it, so I put it back in the fridge and phoned the company for advice. The cheese was Castello brand from a company called Arla Foods. They advised me not to eat the cheese and said they would send me some cheese vouchers so I could replace the product.

About a week later I got $8.00 worth of replacement vouchers for their entire line of products, not just the blue cheese brand. The brands I could use the vouchers on were Tre Stelle, Dofino, or Castello, so I had a lot of options. Plus sending me $8.00 was really generous, as the original blue cheese purchase had been bought on sale for $2.99. Obviously, I am very impressed with their customer service!

I held onto the coupons and wasn't sure what I was going to get with them. More blue cheese? Fresh mozzarella ball? Some wonderful feta? Fresh grated Parmesan? I had a lot of options.

I noticed in the weekly grocery flyers that a Dofino Havarti (800g) was on sale for $10.99. It normally sells for $13.99, so $10.99 was a good deal. I decided to use my vouchers, and got another $8.00 off, which made this beautiful chunk of Havarti $2.99. DEAL!

So the original blue cheese purchase ($2.99) plus the out of pocket money I spent on the Havarti ($2.99), got me this $13.99 block of cheese for $5.98. Amazing.

Plus Havarti is amazing. So far we've had it melted on burgers, in grilled cheeses, in an omelette, on sandwiches, and I even melted some on nachos (it tastes so good melted). It will not take us long to eat this 800g block and we are definitely having a great time doing it!

Posted by Jen B On Monday, June 15, 2015 7 comments


  1. Wow, nearly a kg of cheese. I'm getting a face rash, just looking at it.

    Good deal on the customer service.

  2. I've never tried havarti. I'd have gone for mozzarella.

    1. Havarti is soooo good. I think I'm going to buy a full price one when this one is done. haha!

      I bet the mozzarella is fantastic too.


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