Coupon deals have been scarce lately, so I need to brag about it when I find a good one. The coupon booklets that come in the paper every few weeks have had nothing worth clipping (for me). I love saving money, but saving $0.50 on a product I would never purchase in the first place (and which has a price point of over $3.00 to begin with...isn't a deal for me). But I found a few coupons I could use in the past few months, so hence this bragging post!

I love using a coupon when something is already on sale to maximize the savings, and that is what I did with both these deals.

Using a buy one get two free coupon and pairing it with a $1 sale price, I got six cans of deal air freshener. So buy one ($1.00 + $0.13 tax) and get two free* ($0.13 tax + $0.13 tax [*free in Canada often means just the item is free; you still have to pay the tax]). So my six cans cost $2.78, which is $0.46 each. Not as good as the coupon deal from a few years ago that got me air freshener for $0.38 per can, but it's pretty close).

I also had two '$2.00 off' BBQ sauce coupons and paired them with a BBQ sauce sale of $2.00/bottle. So these were actually free-free, as there is no tax on most grocery items in Canada. I love when my bill prints out at $0.00 and I walk away with free product. Feels good. Plus this BBQ sauce is pretty tasty.

Posted by Jen B On Wednesday, September 09, 2015 4 comments


  1. Replies
    1. It's nice to get a good deal once in a while.

  2. I agree. Paying 50p for something you won't use, silly. But free for what you WILL use. Hot dog.


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